Coming Events – Mount Zion Baptist Church

Welcome to Our Church

Events coming for the year 2022, looking for a great year in the Lord. Come join our exciting fellowship as we strive to serve the lord by serving others in our community. We have something for everyone!


Mount Zion Baptist Church

Spring City, TN 37381

   May is graduation month, please pray for all the young people as they start the next step in their life!

May 29, 2022

Lord’s Supper 

11 AM

May 29, 2022

VBS Meeting

12 PM

May 29, 2022

Movie night (TBA)

6 PM

May 30, 2022

“Memorial Day”


June 19, 2022

“Father’s Day” (Special gift for the fathers present this day!) For a history of Father’s Day (click here)


June 20-24, 2022


6-8:30 PM

Visits: 826