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Paul’s Sermons

“It’s Christmas”

“Christmas is Coming”

Stop Complaining; It’s Thanksgiving”

“Can You Wear the Pants?”

“Are You Trippin” Someone Up?”

“What To Do with our Burdens”

“The Prophet Who Pouted”

“Jonah: The Man”

“A Great Fish Story”

“Spend Time in the Desert”

“When We Confess Our Sins”

“How Are You on the Inside of the Wall?” (Click)

“Walk With the Lord”

“When you Follow God, Miracles Happen”

“Satan’s Tools (Slander & Fear)”

“Choose Your Mountain”

“Dealing With Ridicule”

“A Cut Above Average”

“The Last 4 Gates to Rebuild”

“Three Gates in Jerusalem”

“We Need to Have a Vision”


“God Said Wait…then go!”

“Always Pray”

“This is Church”

“What Makes a Great Church?”

“The Post Resurrection Appearances of Christ”

“A Place Called Calvary”

“Palms in the Garden”

“Getting Ready for the Cross”

“Times are Exploding”

“Preparing For a Wedding”

“Prophecy, Looking Back”

“Satan’s Superman”

“Miserable Patient and the Mighty Physician”

“Three Forth’s”

“Exposing Hypocrites”

“All God’s Children

“The Miracle Meal”

“Thanksgiving 2021”

“Parable of the Unjust Judge”

“Sitting at Jesus’ Feet”

“The Friend at Midnight”

“The Kingdom of Heaven”

“Justified Freely”

“Just When I Need Him Most”

“Confidence in Criticism”

“I Shall Not Be Moved”

“Come All Ye Faithful”

“The Second Blessing”

“A Great Home”

“We Need Troublemakers”

“Clear Presentation”

“Storm Before Calm”

“We Should Get Along”

“Unchanging Word in an Ever-Changing World”

“What’s Your Goal, Celebrity or Servant?”

“Jesus the Brightest Star”

“Jesus is the Cornerstone”

“Who is Jesus Christ to You?”

“Water Walking”

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