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Pastor Statement

About us at Mount Zion, we thank you for taking time to view our website. I would like to personally invite you to visit us at Mount Zion at one of our next services. You will find a church that is attended by normal people. People who are longing for a deeper relationship with God. People who are aware that we have in no sense arrived. People who look at other believers as brothers and sisters in Christ. Members who care for one another, love one another and pray for one another.

We have activities and classes for all ages, from ages 2 to adults. We have some great Sunday school teachers who love the Lord and will gladly so you how to be saved! 

We have hearing impaired receivers for those who have difficulty hearing.

Our pastor is dedicated to preaching God’s word and would love to have you attend our services!

We have special singings each quarter, with a new gospel group each quarter. If you like to sing, there is openings for special singers at each service, and we would like for you to join our Mount Zion choir!

We meet three times each week, Sunday’s 10 AM-Sunday School, 11 AM Worship, 6 PM Evening worship. Wednesday’s at 6 PM Prayer meeting. Join us and you to, can say, it is all about us at Mount Zion.

We hope to see you soon. 

Paul Mitchell


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Our Teachers and Staff


Beginners Class


– Julie Kilby

Beginners Class 


– Darlene Pelfry

Primary Class


– Anna Thompson

Teens and Young People


– Deborah Janow

Auditorium Class


– Dale Poseley

Auditorium Class

Asst. Teacher

– Bob Cecil

Flowers and Decorations


– Judy England

Church Council


– Roy True

Church Sign


– Cheryl Southerland

Church Council-Asst. Treasurer


– Nancy Cecil

Kitchen Staff


– Evelyn Heath

       Church Council 



– Ruby Ezell

Teenage Class

Assistant Teacher

– Cindy Ross



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